hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
Hydrangea on the Edge of Blooming

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sweet Sounds

This past weekend, we in Point Roberts were gifted with two extraordinary concert performances on Friday and Saturday nights.  You'd think we were an urban setting to have such options for our entertainment.  But, we are not.  We're a very small place that's difficult to get to.  And thus it is worth calling to all our attention what extraordinary events these were.

On Friday night, Michael Munro impressively performed four big pieces, one each by Bach, Berg, Schoenberg and Schubert.  On Saturday night, The Mystic Winds (a woodwind quintette) gave us a swirling experience of many pieces associated with World War I, whose 100th anniversary we just 'celebrated.'  (Actually, hard to think of celebrating that event.)  Both performances involved professional musicians coming here to give us an evening of splendor.  (Not enough that we live in a place of unusual beauty but we also get culture!)

That we get it at all is to the credit of Lucy Williams who has been producing dozens of concerts on behalf of the community and Trinity Lutheran Church for the past half dozen years or so.  She started out doing it as a way to raise money for an emergency generator that the church needed in order to qualify as an emergency shelter in the event of a real emergency.  And after that was paid for, she continued bringing us music of all kinds in order to fund the annual children's summer music camp and, more recently, to help with fundraising for the new library.  (Since I'm heavily involved in the new library fundraising, I'm particularly grateful to her for this help.)  But, more than that, we can all be grateful to her for her gift to the community: it is not an easy matter to produce a dozen concerts a year when it is all voluntary.  Lucy has been able to find individuals and groups of all kinds--jazz, fada, Barbershop, popular, classical, etc.--AND has been able to persuade them to come here to play for us without having to pay them: they perform as a gift.  Furthermore, she does not sell tickets to these fine performances: it is all by donation, because it is all for the benefit of the community.  A gift squared.

In Vancouver and other places where I have lived, concert tickets are not obtained by donation.  It's another part of the unusualness of Pt. Roberts that our concerts do not require us to buy tickets, although we are asked to make a donation to something that is for our own benefit and use.  So extremely admirable as a community model.

I wrote last month about local institutions and our need for them to be strong.  Lucy has a very strong record for the institution of producing concerts here.  How can we thank her for her service?  We can thank her best by going to the concerts whenever we can.  She already has 10 more concerts scheduled including a trombone group and TWO choirs singing ABBA!  Great.  Come, enjoy!  Thanks to Lucy!

Church concert schedule, here. (down at the bottom of the page)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Archeological Discovery?

Well, it's hard to know how to feel about phones nowadays, but this does seem something of an extreme response.  Could it be reported as some kind of code violation?

Fortunately, there's still a phone outside the front door of the library at the community center, free for the use as long as you just want to call locally.  I think this one had more features; or at least one more: that you could dial out of Point Roberts.  Anyway, another thing to remember: "Remember when there was a phone booth on Pt. Roberts; maybe in front of the Chevron station, or like that?"