hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
Hydrangea on the Edge of Blooming

Saturday, November 6, 2010

12 Carrot, Maybe Even 20 Carrot

The International Market does an amazingly good job of supplying food for us here.  It isn't what you get at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's or whatever really good place you might shop in U.S. and Canadian cities, but considering that it is serving a pretty small population (2000 people, maybe?) nine months of the year, it's amazing it has anything but boxes of cereal, I think.

I assume that like many small businesses make virtually all their income during the Christmas season, the International Market makes its during the Summer season.  Lots of summer weekends, you go in and the shelves are almost picked bare, especially in the produce section.

This week, however, that is not so much the case.  Despite the fact that the tourists are in short supply, what we have this week is CARROTS!  It's true that nobody is inventing new vegetables for me to cook, but still it does seem that this is an excessive number of carrots.  There's soup and there's carrots and there's bunny salad, but that's about it.  There was one eggplant in the eggplant section, which is tiny section including other things such as zucchini (6 of them) in any case.  And there were two leeks; 8 English cucumbers.  A small passel of red cabbage (at $1.99/pound: does anyone like red cabbage enough to pay that much for it?) and a few other things of a vegetable nature.  But what there really were were carrots.