hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
Hydrangea on the Edge of Blooming

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Not an Economic Development Plan, But....

I've got three or four threads coming together here, so stay with me.  First, looking at the weather report for the next five days, I'm seeing nothing but days in which the high is below freezing.  This is cold weather for here.  I know, it's not cold weather for Alberta or Minnesota, but we don't live in Alberta or Minnesota, we live in Point Roberts and we think 40 degrees F. is about cold enough.  And we've had more than usual sub-32 degree F. weather since last November.  So it's cold.  And we are all in this cold together.

Second.  Fortunately, for us, Llily the llama and her four pygora (pygmy angora) goat companions have shared their fleece with us and Ed has a lovely full llama fur/fibre hat to keep him from the cold, and I have a brand new pygora headband to keep me warm.  And these are very good things.  The llama and the goats don't seem to sense any particular close relationship between them and us when we are wearing our new hats, but you can't have everything.  Anyway, we've got cold and we've got these lovely llama and pygora headgear, see below!

Now, third.  Recently, the library has been sponsoring a knitting group at the community center/library on Tuesday evening around 6 p.m.  Included in this group are some of the local teenagers who are just learning to knit.  Knitting a headband or a plain hat is a very easy and nice thing to do when you are just starting knitting.  And having everyone in Point Roberts have a chance to have a llama or pygora hat/headband is a really cool idea, I think.  (Speaking from experience, it is actually a very warm phenomenon, as well as a cool idea.)

So, what I'm thinking, is that the teenage and other knitters ought to be making hats and headbands from llama and pygora fiber to sell at the Community Market when it opens next Eastertime, and keep knitting them and selling them until winter comes upon us again.  And then we will go out into our exclave and immediately recognize one another: who belongs and who is just dropping in for packages, gas, or groceries.  Of course, the visitors could come to the Community Market and buy a hat/headband, too, but then that would just indicate their willingness to stand in unity with us in the cold, no?  And we would welcome that.

Now, Llily and the pygora goats probably can't single-handedly (or whatever the proper word should be there) supply that much fleece/spun yarn, so it would have to be outsider fiber at the beginning, but over the years, it could be different...Well, it's an idea, or the beginnings of one.

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heidi baxter said...

Very great idea. I better get spinning.