hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Wonders of Point Roberts

Earlier this week, I was about ten minutes early for a meeting at the Community Center, so I stopped to investigate the 'new' McFrugal's, which recently announced its grand opening.  It's in the Miller building on Gulf, where Heather McPhee used to have her real estate office.  I don't know where she's gone, although she's still here and still in the real estate business, such as it is nowadays.

But, the 'old' McFrugals was up on Tyee, near the border and, apparently, is still up there.  The 'old' McFrugals was sort of like a very small dollar store.  Handy enough, but probably too small to be a big draw.  It had small things, odd packets of foods, envelopes, t-shirts, crayons, stuff like that.  I assumed that it had moved its stock down to the Miller Bldg.  But when I went in, I was surprised to find multiple rooms, 5? 6?, filled with a very large number of objects.  Less a Dollar Store than Liquidation World.  There were sets of dishes, nice looking sets of cooking pans, stainless steel bowl sets, silverware, leather aprons (leather!), fishing tackle, boat stuff including a pup tent with pontoons for use on land and sea (perhaps for a real pup?), dehumidifiers, coffee makers, a vast selection of fleece blankets and pillows, and a good deal more.

I've never been a big fan of Dollar Stores, although useful enough, like the Kress and Woolworths of my youth (where I had my first actual job).  There used to be a Liquidation World in Tsawwassen and there was also one on the Sunshine Coast and I found them both providers of extremely entertaining shopping when one is in that mood.  They might have anything and it probably will be at an excellent price.  But I never imagined that Point Roberts would have such entertainment.  Seems a real addition to the commercial scene here: for those days when you'd like to shop but don't want to cross the border.

I even went back today and purchased one of those fleece blankets: 60x80" for $10--I can't buy the fleece for $10.  It's a very useful addition underneath a quilt for that season (which is now) when a down comforter is too warm but a quilt is not warm enough and a quilt plus a regular blanket is too heavy.  Welcome to fall, I'm afraid, looking at the last two mornings.

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