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hydrangea blossoming
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting the EPA Out of Our Land and One Other Thing

A little entertainment for those of us close to the border:  The Republicans want border agents to roam around a little more freely within 100 miles of the Canadian and the Mexican border.  Not a law; just a proposed law in the U.S. Congress.  But it just goes to show how important we are to those in places of power.

Another thing that has to do with elections and politics.  We don't have much local government up here: there's the water board and the fire department and the clinic board and the Parks Board.  All of them of considerable importance to our daily lives.  No one more important than the other, but....

The Parks Board operates the Community Center which is called that because it is that.  It has to have enough funds to pay for the utilities and upkeep.  It has to ask us for those funds every so often.  This year is the year to ask.  So, it's up to the voters of Point Roberts to say yes to those funds or else there won't be any Community Center or any of the things that go on there (public meetings, public programs, library, seniors' programs, Saturday markets, etc.).  And, for no useful reason, it requires a 60% 'yes' vote.  Don't not vote at all, please; and please vote yes on this levy which will cost property owners very little (a total of $49,000/year split among 3,000 properties amounts to about $16 per property on average, with more expensive property owners paying more, less expensive property owners paying less).

If we don't pass this, the center of the community will be gone.

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MiepRowan said...

Don't fail to vote on this, Point Roberts People!

And vote for the levy. Get real. Stuff doesn't happen all by itself.