hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One Thing Can Lead to Another

Some Whatcom County County Council folks came up here a couple of weeks ago, apparently to see whether it was possible to have a reasonable conversation with the Point Roberts denizens who show up for such opportunities.  Alas, I was not able to be there, but what I have heard from several people leads me to conclude that the answer to the "reasonable conversation" question was, NO!  I am told that there was a certain amount of Canada bashing, followed up by Whatcom County bashing, and the usual "you don't do anything for us but collect taxes," followed by "we just want you (ie, the County) to leave us alone."  Whatever.

But, in the process of this apparently unseemly affair, it was discovered that there might yet be some common ground: in a subsequent private conversation, the County Treasurer allowed as how it was possible that the County might be able to support the idea of developing a Visitor Center in Point Roberts with actual money in the form of economic development dollars.  And, even grander, that if the Visitor Center were located in the Community Center, it might be further possible to go to those same economic development dollars to cover the costs of some amount of the badly needed maintenance/restoration at the Community Center.

The County could be our friend, if only we'll let them.  Good to know that there are yet people here who can talk reasonably to them.  (I understand the irritation at the County.  At least some of the time it's like my irritation with the border people when it seems that their rules take no account of what Point Roberts is actually like.  But I also know that government regulations at any level can't be made just to suit and accommodate one particular person or one particular place.  Further, it's not as if we are living in a golden age of perfection in which the County, every so often, causes an unsightly imperfection that deeply offends our aesthetic senses and thus cannot be tolerated.)

Update: Yesterday, I saw the actual little, gazebo-like Visitors' Center building in the Community Center parking lot, so maybe it's going to be outdoors for the summer?  

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