hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
Hydrangea on the Edge of Blooming

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Cat Confounds Its People

I mentioned the coming of the cat last December.  It has gone well; she has (slowly) acclimated to the idea that she lives with us and this past week was even willing to show herself to our visiting family members.  Up until then, the issue of whether we had a cat simply depended upon our friends' and families' willingness to believe that we did because we said we did.  No sign of said cat ever seen by any of them.

Now, the cat has truly confounded us.  Today, Zoe (the cat) was wandering around in the bathroom (whose door I had not closed tightly) and came out with a thick pony-tail rubber band hanging out of her mouth.  We were eating lunch and she came up to Ed and dropped the rubber band at his feet.  He went to pick it up and she tried to grab it back but he was (unusually) faster than she was. He threw it across the room and she raced off to get it and then came back and dropped it at his feet.  They fought over possession of the rubber band, again; Ed threw it again, and off she went.  Even when she didn't exactly see where it went, she searched for it at length until she found it.  For a half hour, they kept this up (she did stop fighting with him for possession after the 3rd or 4th throw).  So, the cat plays fetch.  But apparently only with thick rubber bands.  She has never done anything like this with the (admittedly) small number of cat toys we possess.

Now she is yowling.  She doesn't want to quit and ed wants to do something else...

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