hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Maple Canopy, Another Update

The Point Roberts Conservation Society engaged the Whatcom County Planning Department in a phone conversation this past week trying to clarify what is the status of the proposed development that has been called "Point Roberts Beach Club," and involves land between APA and the bluffs/west-of-Claire Lane and Pauls Road.

There are two major issues that are under discussion: (1) the protection of the maple tree canopy on APA; and (2) the actual housing development size.  According to the notes of the conversation that were circulated by the Conservation Society, the Whatcom County Planning Department is satisfied with the safety of the maple canopy: APA road will not have to be widened. It would appear that strong community support for maintaining the maple canopy is an influential factor in the Planning Dept.'s analysis.

The size of the development continues to be up in the air.  The Health Dept. and the Planning Dept. have different views as to how many lots and how large a house can be built on each lot (1 bedroom vs. 2 bedrooms).  So maybe 30 2-bedroom houses is what is being discussed instead of 61 or so 1-bedroom homes.  I doubt if the density of the housing is going to be affected by community support.  But we'll write more when we hear more.

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Hessed Torres said...

My greatest dream is to buy a nice house in Point Roberts. I am trying to write a fiction novel and plan to include you wonderful town in it. I love the quietness of Point Roberts. I'm just about thru' with the hustles and bustles of the crowded city. Nice post, btw!