hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Community Calendar

Awhile back when I was scheduling something, I thought it would sure be a good idea if we had a community calendar and I did some initial work about figuring out how to get one set up.  Along the way, I found that we already had one.  It's managed by Pat Dean at visitpointroberts@gmail.com and it has a lot of stuff on it.  Not everything but that's not because Pat isn't trying to make it happen.  It's because not enough people know about the calendar and thus put their events on it.

So here's an attempt to help everybody have and use the Community Calendar that already exists.  Go to: http://visitpointroberts.webs.com/calendar

See something that's not there that you are in charge of?  Write Pat.

Going to schedule an event?  Check the calendar first.  Somebody else may have scheduled on that date and you don't want to conflict with their event.

See something you'd like to do that's listed?  Go to it.

Bookmark the calendar.  Check it when you are scheduling an event;  check it when you'd like to do something.  And then it will all work better.

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