hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
Hydrangea on the Edge of Blooming

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Internets and All That

A couple of days ago, I accidentally signed up for Tumblr when I was trying to follow a tumblr blog called "Humans of New York" in which some guy daily publishes a picture of someone on the streets of New York with commentary from the someone about their life.  I don't know whether I'm following it or not; I'm certainly not getting it in my email, but maybe that isn't where it would come to.

So I wrote to my Internet savvy son as to whether I wanted to be involved with Tumblr.  He handed the query off to my 22-year-old college student granddaughter, who replied,
"No, no we don't use that. That's what 11-year-olds use when they first discover online social networking so they can share pictures of what other people post because they have nothing to say for themselves. From tumblr you graduate to MySpace and from MySpace to Facebook."

When you live in such a faraway place as Point Roberts, even the Internet sometimes seems remote, even if you use it a lot and are even on Facebook.  I try to keep on good terms with some local 10-year-old so that I can ask him/her to reset my watch when we come to the daylight savings changes.  I have the instructions that came with the watch, but they don't work.  The 10-year-old just looks at the watch and makes the time change.  

Next, perhaps we'll consider Skype, now that my on-line phone company has gone out of business.  Succumbing doubtless to some other fancier way to make a phone call.  Probably smart phones, whatever they are?

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