hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Economic Development Discussion, Post #3

A reader comments:

Since 1951 we have been  visitors to our cottage at Point Bob. All of our children have enjoyed the time and now our grandkids are enjoying it.

For years, I have wondered how any of the permanent residents  eke out enough money to live at the Point.

Point Roberts has some issues primarily being cut off from the rest of US.  It could  become a destination and attract more visitors, but would need a destination point.  Maple beach was once a destination, but now [the county] has basically taken away all of public parking, so visitors  have a tough time going there. Visitors used to keep at least a couple of well-known stores going strong.

The fishing at the Point used to be excellent, with many coming down to fish. The Point is surrounded by water on three sides. Has to be the only place in North America that is surrounded by water and has No Public Launch ramp. Find a place to launch and they will come. There is a place for a ramp over by the Marina breakwater that is supposed to be public property, but has somehow been taken over by marina and seems to be a “no Trespass” area.

The big yellow Cannery building should have been a destination, but instead sits empty and deteriorating, If they had gone one step more and restored the pier that used to be there, it would have been a great destination supporting lots of local business.

A good bar with entertainment would be a great attraction, but from what I understand the border folks will not  allow local Canadian bands to come and play at the Point.   I forgot to mention that we at Point Roberts could have lightning speed internet if we could  connect to the big Fiber optic cable out by the lighthouse. I believe it is one of the main lines feeding Vancouver.

All of this said, I do enjoy the peace and quiet, but still feel bad about those that are try to make a living. Perhaps a destination for Parcel pickup and Gas is all the Point can expect. I think not.


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