hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Hole in the Sky

Last month, we went down to Bellingham and found a very puzzling sight: two workers working on a hole in the sky. We had never, either of us, seen anything like it. It was something in theprocess of being built, and perhaps what we were seeing at that moment was some uncovered infrastructure/framework, something that when the work was finished would never be seen again. Maybe it was some kind of fancy electronics for some kind of futurama border crossing news phenomena. Maybe it would provide us with real-time news and pictures of terrorists in our midst?

Ed took a picture of it as we drove through the border, conscious that we probably ought not to be taking photographs at the border if we valued our Nexus cards, but it was such a stunning sight, and one we expected never to see again.

(Link here to larger version of photo.)
And, then, a couple of weeks later, we passed through the Peace Arch crossing again, and the hole in the sky was still there, although there were still workmen around. And more recently, our friend Rose was crossing at that border, and the hole was still there, but without workers about. It appeared to be finished.

When Ed saw Rose's picture, he Googled 'peace arch crossing,' 'billboard,' and 'art," on the off chance that the border people were investing in public art as a welcoming gesture to terrorists and fruit smugglers, and other miscellaneous travellers. Lo and behold, everything was illuminated by the Bellingham Herald.

It is publicly-funded art and the piece is not, unfortunately, named 'A Hole in the Sky.'. So unimaginative the real title, 'Non Sign II.' But so imaginative and evocative, the art itself! Watch for it on your next trip...on the right hand side by the U.S. booths heading south.

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