hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
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Friday, December 17, 2010

The Post Office Comes to Life

Over the past ten days, I've been in an out of the local post office with unusual frequency.  Not that I had gotten around to mailing any Christmas gifts.  More like I was going to the post office to figure out whether I wanted to be mailing any Christmas gifts.  Each time I've been there, there has been virtually no one in line, which is quite a contrast for the month of December in the past.

I talked to one of post office employees who said that it sure was unusual but that he didn't know how to account for it.  Their incoming package mail was even higher than usual for December but the outgoing: not so much at all.  He thought it might be that there was a considerable increase in internet shopping with direct mailing to the recipient.  Then I talked to the UPS office and they, too, were having record incoming packages and not so much outgoing.  So I guess a culture that 70 years ago was all about carefully made or or at least inspected gifts are now replaced by a virtual gift-giving experience, or something that is not even much of an experience.  Nothing much the better in that, although at least you don't have to stand so long in line at the post office.

But then, today, I went to the post office with my own actual first gift package to mail, only to find that there were about 14 people in line already.  So I just brought my package back home.  Maybe no one will notice if it doesn't arrive until after Christmas.

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