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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh, Dear, The Border

According to a report on Talking Points Memo, the GAO is now complaining about the Dept. of Homeland Security's control of the Northern Border.  That can't be good for us up here on the actual border, especially because Blaine is one of the border areas they looked at (that would be the 89 miles of land border and 163 miles of coastal border that constitutes Blaine.  That would be Blaine, with its "known presence of terrorist organizations"...I mean, if we know about them, then aren't we doing some kind of law enforcement action/investigation?  Or are we just hoping that some well-meaning border guard will discover them through some kind of Vulcan mind meld when said bad guys come to the border?  Or does "known" simply mean that we heard something about some bad guys talking bad stuff, but we don't actually know who they were or what they were really talking about?

Perhaps we need to be prepared for more questioning at the border.  I suggest, "Where have you been?  Are you carrying weapons?  Are you a member of a terrorist organization?"  That ought to cover all the bases.

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BuckyHermit said...

I find it interesting that the reasons given aren't backed up by actual examples or much in the way of facts at all.

When's the last time a terrorist attack happened because someone entered the country from Canada?

Yet there are some very REAL criminals and gang activity originating in Mexico.