hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
Hydrangea on the Edge of Blooming

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Market and the Summer

The Saturday Market has now moved to an every week activity but it is showing signs of problems.  This past week, it rained and had to be held indoors, but nevertheless there were precious few vendors.  The best were Sagewood Farms, our local fresh produce supplier.  Best in terms of quantity of stuff, good looking and new looking stuff, and customers.  They had more different greens than you could shake a stick at if you were in the market for shaking sticks at greens.  There were fat French radishes and mesclun and beet greens and lettuces of other kinds including a very spicy arugula.  It all looked very appealing.

But a Saturday Market with only four or five vendors isn't really viable even if one of them is doing really well.  Maybe it was just the rain and the following weeks will see more vendors.  On the weekend of August 6, the Point Roberts Quilt Group is having a quilt show and sale in connection with the Saturday Market.  If it rains, the Market will be in big trouble: the vendors won't be able to come inside because the quilts and quilters will have already filled up the inside.  That's one of the reasons we expect no rain in July and August.  Lots of luck so far.  The quilts will be more of an exhibit than a sale but there will be some smaller pieces for sale so if you, dear reader, are so inclined, bring cash/checks.  We don't do credit cards.

People do come to the Saturday Market.  They may be just wandering around on Saturday morning and see the sign and step in, or they may be making a trip to the library and step in to see what's happening, or they may be there because they're picking up their weekly or biweekly allotment of vegetables from Sagewood, or they may be there (less likely) because they are looking for some arts/crafts object to buy.   But for that last kind of random buy, you need a lot of new/fresh/different kinds of objects and that's pretty hard to supply in such a limited population, especially if you outlaw flea market type objects.

Oh, well, maybe it will pick up, or maybe it will just be a short summer activity, or maybe it will die a slow death.  I'm not worrying: it's not Chinatown, but it is Point Roberts.

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