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hydrangea blossoming
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Friday, September 16, 2011

About the Post Office

News is out that the post office will be closing over 250 post offices nationwide.  Normally, in such a move, I'd expect that small rural post offices would be first in line for evictions.  At best, they'd be turned into a counter in a local grocery store.  And Point Roberts would be an easy target because there aren't enough voters here to complain sufficiently to change the P.O.'s point of view.

But our little post office is probably safe through a lot of closings because it is a big money maker for the P.O.  As critical as we may be sometimes of the Canadian mailers in line, we need to remember that they are the ones that are protecting us.

Eight of the post offices that will be closed are are in Washington State and include offices in Everett, Olympia, Pasco, Redmond, Fife, Kent, Tacoma, and Wenatchee.  The list of all post offices being closed can be found here.

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