hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
Hydrangea on the Edge of Blooming

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Strange Days

More sun, day after day.  Hardly even could call it Indian Summer.  And then, this afternoon, the wind came up and it was a warm wind from the west.  Westerlies are never warm up here, it's my impression.  Sitting on the porch tonight with the warm breezes still coming, I felt like we were living in a moment that we wouldn't see again.  But maybe that's what climate change will bring us: warm westerlies coming in over the warm northwest Pacific Ocean?

It's time to start on the end of summer gardening chores.  Yesterday, I pruned the summer raspberry canes, to give some room for the fall raspberry crop which is, usually, not much of a crop; but if this weather continues, it could come through unexpectedly well.  And, today, I began transplanting a large crop of 2-year plants that will bloom next year: lunaria and digitalis seedlings, especially; and then it's time to spread the crocosmyia bulbs around, and do the autumn fertilizing of the peonies and lilies.  And in no time, it will be time to plant tulip and daff bulbs.  And if it's still sunny and warm then, well, I think we may be in trouble.

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Marc Olson said...

I like your blog, which I just discovered. It reminds me a lot of mine, which is a lot about not living in the U.S.

This caught my eye:

"...about being an outsider to the urban frenzy that characterizes the U.S., or as my Canadian friend calls it, 'The Excited States of America.'"

I could not have said it better. In fact, curiously enough, I just posted about the very topic on "An Alaskan in Yucatan."

You have collected a lot of nice posts. I will have to work backwards when I get time to read more. Thanks.