hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
Hydrangea on the Edge of Blooming

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Saturday Market Re-Starts

Last Saturday morning, the Saturday Market opened its third year of operation.  Although the first year went pretty well, it began to be less peopled, both by vendors and by buyers, during the second year and by the end of the second year it was close to death, I thought.

But it has returned to life for yet another try this year.  One difference this year is that it's only three hours (10-1) rather than four.  Also, unlike last year when the disagreements about whether used goods could be sold continued, such 'flea market' type goods are welcomed.  (Alas, I have sold all my wonderful CD collection, so I no longer have any used goods to populate a table.  Thanks again to the buyers.)

Saturday morning when I drove over to the Community Center (I am assigned to a public information table for the New Library Building Fund Raising Project), it was raining just a bit and, although it looked like it might clear up (and it did), the Saturday Market vendors insisted on going inside.

Probably not a bad idea because there were only 5 or 6 vendors and that looks like a reasonable number in the main room in the Community Center, but it looks like an impoverished showing even in the small parking lot outdoors.  The Coop Garden people had fresh vegetables, including kohlrabi.  I saw several fresh and lovely exemplars of this odd vegetable go by (I was in the hallway outside the library entrance) and wondered how many people in P.R. have actually every eaten kohlrabi.  I'm not sure I have.  But now they were having an opportunity to do so.  Perhaps it should be delivered with a recipe?

There were also some plants and some jewelry and some Avon goods and some slippers and some crafts.  And it was a decent showing.  Wishing the project well, I can only hope that there are more vendors next time (June 16) and that the sun will shine upon them and their wares.  The buyer turnout wasn't bad for a first round.  Perhaps a Renaissance in the Saturday Market is before us.  I'll be watching them from the Library Fund-Raising table.

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