hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
Hydrangea on the Edge of Blooming

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Two Farewells.

In the past ten days, we have many of us here on the Point had to say farewell to people who have done a lot for our perilous community.  'Perilous' in the sense that it is hard to really maintain a sense of community where so many among us are migratory and where the age distribution is so uneven (we have lots more old people than young people).

There are, of course, people who really stand out, who give and who work to benefit others.  One was Robin Lamb, who maintained a private airport in Point Roberts for the easy use of anyone who could fly here in a small, fixed-wing plane or in a small helicopter.  He died in May and a memorial service was held for him at the Community Center on June 23.  And, it was wonderfully attended, including lots of people who never flew a plane anywhere, but knew Robin as a good citizen and a good person, as well as people who had flown with him throughout their adult lives or who been the beneficiary of his good will because they had used his airport for takeoffs and landings.  We will miss him.

And then, on June 30, an enormous crowd (the most I've ever seen at the Community Center, bigger even than when the border people show up to listen to us complain) came to say a different kind of farewell to Virginia and Ed Lester, who are retiring from taking care of us all and of the local health clinic.  (Here's a link to dozens of photos of the celebration.)  It has not been many years since there was no clinic in Point Roberts.  When locals finally were able to raise enough money to get the clinic started, it fell to Virginia and Ed to make it an enterprise we could trust, that we could have confidence.  And did they ever do a bang-up job!

They are going to continue caring for us awhile during the transition to new staffing, so they are still with us in every way.  But, for me at least, their departure is now real because ceremonially marked.  I can only thank them from the heart for what they created in this relatively short time.  They set a standard that can only be admired, and the large numbers that attended their retirement celebration last Saturday attest to the fact that I am not the only one here who appreciates what they did.

Robin, Virginia, and Ed all worked to benefit all of us: and people who do that are people who build a community.  Good show, all three!

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