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hydrangea blossoming
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Friday, August 24, 2012

A Small Follow-up

I'm hesitant to post more on the Fire Commissioner debacle in the absence of further information being available.  However, 2 items plus a brief comment are desiring to get on this blog at the moment.

1.  Gellatly has written a letter to the editor of the APB in which he explains that he doesn't condone or condemn his fellow commissioners' action in firing Kiniski. (He didn't attend that meeting and thus didn't vote on the issue.)
Is Mr. Gellatly saying that he, too, lacks information about why this action was taken?  Why doesn't he get it?  (In every sense of that sentence.)  Gellatly concludes his letter thusly: "The commissioners are unable to publicly comment on any matters pertaining to the chief’s dismissal without direction from legal counsel. That direction has not been provided at this time. This is in consideration of both parties."  Why did the Commissioners not say this at the meeting?

2.  The new APB article about the August 22 meeting continues to generate new comments and includes several photos of the crowd at the meeting.  See who was there and what they have to say. 

And, finally, a thought about it all:  At the beginning of the meeting this past Wednesday, there were probably 3 or 4 hundred people on the Point who knew and were concerned that Kiniski had been fired.  The vast majority of them did not have a view about who was in the wrong.  That's why over a 100 of them came to the meeting.   

What the Commissioners achieved by stonewalling the people of Point Roberts, was to remove Kiniski from the issue.  Now, it's all about the Commissioners.  They took the metaphorical gun and pointed it straight at themselves.   One of the most startingly inept political performances I have ever seen.  

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