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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Not Available

See correction below:

Want to write to the Fire Commissioners to ask them about firing the Fire Chief?  Too bad, you can't.  Google 'point roberts fire commission washington state' and you get one appropriate site, but the only email address there is that of (former) Fire Chief Kiniski.  I wrote to that address, asking Kiniski to forward my email to Messieurs Meursing, Riffle, and Gellatly, but it came back instantly: no person by that name at this address.  Not any more.  At least the Commissioners had time to take care of that important little piece of business.

You want to speak to the Fire Commissioners about the kind of job they are doing? Tough luck.  The essence of hubris!

Added Material:  The APB has added a comments section to their e-edition stories.  So, if you want to comment on the Kiniski firing, you can go to the APB and do so.  Here is a link: then page down to the bottom of the story to the comment section.

More Added Material:  The email addresses for the commissioners are on the website and i missed them.  My apologies.  And my thanks to Bennett from San Jose for finding them for me.  However, Commissioner Riffle's email address is incorrectly listed (instead of his email, you get that of a former Commissioner) and that error makes me unsure about the other two Commissioners' email addresses.   But that's what they've got on offer anyway.

Meursing: nettysun@hotmail.com

Gellatly: david@kordlyn.com


Bennett said...

The only way to you can find the commissioners email links is to go to the Commission webpage on the Fire District 5 site and click on their names.

To make it easy they come up as the following on the website:

Meursing: nettysun@hotmail.com
Riffle: sbrownrigg@peacehealth.org
Gellatly: david@kordlyn.com

The commission webpage is at:


Give hell Judy,

Best Regards,

Bennett from San Jose

judy ross said...

thanks, bennett. don't know how i missed that part of the website. but i surely did. come back for the meeting on wednesday? i guess we can bring pot lids and metal spoons? j