hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Confusion Reigning?

Yesterday, Point-Interface (don't shoot the messenger: they publish what they get) published four different messages from the Fire Commissioners informing us of their upcoming meeting(s)/meeting.  There was one special meeting; then there was another special meeting; then the agenda for the first special meeting was changed somewhat; then one of the special meetings was cancelled and the agenda of one added to the agenda of the other.  So I wouldn't rush to schedule next week's evening entertainment until they get themselves sorted out.  But it makes one feel that there is some internal disagreement here.  Mr. Meursing missed the last meeting so perhaps he is making up for that.

I am making some headway on understanding local commissions/Special Districts.  There appear to be five of them here (Water (3 commissioners), Hospital (3 commissioners), Cemetery (3), Park and Recreation (5), and Fire (3).  All but the Park Commissioners receive payment for meetings; the Park folk have traditionally turned it down.  The state regs permit anyone holding a Commission position to turn it down, it would appear.

It also appears from the regs that the Commissioners can increase their numbers by proposing to do so, or the public can do it by petition, but in either case, the increased numbers must be put to the public for a vote.  It also appears, with respect to Commissioner payments, that if a person sits on two District Boards at the same time, he/she may receive payment only from one of them.  (RCW 52.14.00  [   A person holding office as commissioner for two or more special purpose districts shall receive only that per diem compensation authorized for one of his or her commissioner positions as compensation for attending an official meeting or conducting official services or duties while representing more than one of his or her districts. However, such commissioner may receive additional per diem compensation if approved by resolution of all boards of the affected commissions.]  )  Mr. Meursing is both a Fire Commissioner and a Water Commissioner.

Sunday morning straightening out done.

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