hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Moose and Election

Perhaps our visiting moose has come to the Point to vote, not realizing that it is all done by mail nowadays.

Somehow in the past week, we lost track of one of our ballots and feared that it had accidentally been sent to the recycle container and from thence on to recycle heaven (or hell, depending upon your theology).  We looked and looked.  I grew weary of looking through wastebaskets and paper stacks and magazine stacks.  And fell into subsidiary questions of whether there is any point in keeping hold of New Yorkers that are over a year old on the off chance that the one of us who hasn't read it will get around to reading it?  And whether I really need to keep every credit card monthly statement that I have ever received given that I have never had occasion to need it and that it is all on the web anyway.

It makes one feel that life may have come to the point where what is needed is a minder of some sort.

Nevertheless, we did not find the ballot and began to pursue alternatives.  Ed was under the impression (like the moose) that he could just go down to the Community Center and vote there if it was absolutely necessary.  And I had to tell him the unhappy news that the only alternative was a drive to Bellingham's City Hall.  Consternation, disorder, and early sorrow.  But, enough motivation that the ballot finally turned up.

So, we sat down yesterday morning and voted in order to avoid any opportunity of losing it again or losing both of them to the maw of disorder in which we apparently live.  AND I HAVE TO SAY, that voting has become ever more difficult, given that we are people with postgraduate educations and thus presumably capable of reading and understanding a ballot.  These crazed Tim Eyeman-mandated votes in which we have to vote 'maintain' or 'get rid of'  some law that the legislature has already passed.  Thanks, Tim Eyeman for making everything a little worse each year.  There's a man with a mission that he has definitely managed to keep on course throughout his adult life.  I'd like to send him an adult moose.

And the many initiatives; my theory is vote no on them on principle.  The public does not need to be passing legislation.  But yes, we need to legalize marijuana and free up the prisons so there's room for financial fraudsters.

Yikes!  The election is driving me mad and I don't even have a TV.  Bring me a moose!

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