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hydrangea blossoming
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Be Aware, Nexus Edition

In December of 2008, Ed and I went down to Peace Arch and got our Nexus cards renewed.  We went at that time because they sent us information that it was time to get the cards renewed.  We filled out the forms they sent us and they eventually gave us an appointment date.  We paid our $50 each for a 5-year renewal.  That would be December of 2008, not yet four years ago.

This past weekend, while going somewhere, I noticed the expiration date on my Nexus card.  January 24, 2013.  My birthday and exactly four years and six weeks since I obtained my most recent Nexus card.  Not five years.  Four years and six weeks.  I checked Ed's card, obtained that same day in December 2008 as mine was.  His expires November 30, 2012: exactly three years and eleven months after the December 2008 "five -year" renewal.

So now it is barely two weeks before his expires and barely 2 months before mine expires.  We have had no warning from Nexus.  We have had no mail informing us that it is time to renew.  We regularly go through both the Point Roberts and the Peace Arch border and there has been no comment by border people as to the cards being close to their expiration date,

You can pursue renewal on-line.  They advise you to begin the renewal process three months in advance.  I can't even begin to describe how angry I am.  But at least I can advise you to check your expiration dates.  They're in very small print on the back of the card.

(Correction: the expiration date is on the front of the card; the issue date is on the back.)

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