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hydrangea blossoming
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Interviewing Cat, Part VII, a Conclusion of Sorts

About an hour after we returned home, we received a call from our cat consultant, asking if she could come by and explain or discuss a few things.  I don't exactly remember what verb she used, but it was something like one of those.  It stirred no warning signs for me, however.  She's a wonderful person and I'm always happy to see her.

She arrived, sat down, and started by explaining that she had called the shelter and talked to the person in charge and there were a few problems.  "First," she said, '"You probably filled out the form a little too truthfully, and raised alarms by saying you would return the cat if you were allergic to it.  And....by other things."

Apparently the biting, the vomiting were not good.  It suggested that we didn't know that cats sometimes bite, sometimes vomit and, when they happened inevitably, would be so appalled we would immediately drive the cat back into the Shelter's arms.  Further, our somewhat flippant comment that we would return the cat if we both died was not taken well.  Perhaps we might have better responded that one of our children would take the cat on.

And the reluctance to make the drive back to the shelter to pay the fee...Well, we didn't seem all that cooperative, you know?  The bottom line? Well, the nice cat was not going to be coming to live with us.

And so, for the moment, we have given up interviewing cats because there are other projects that need our attention.  I could send to the Shelter our C.V.'s, reputable people could go and plead our case, perhaps we could persuade the cat itself to speak on our behalf.  Or perhaps not.

I continue to believe that somewhere, out there, the grey cat named Charles is making his way toward us.  We await his arrival hopefully.  But, I must say, I had not expected this project to be so difficult.  I would have thought that, compared to obtaining hundreds of thousands of dollars for a new library, obtaining a cat would be a piece of cake.  You live, you learn...

(The end of Interviewing Cats, at least for now.)

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Anonymous said...

Just as well. there's good reason we eventually get to have an empty nest. With a pet we are no longer free to come and go as we please. Going on a vacation becomes an exercise in pre- planning---several interviews with cat sitters and borders not to mention the expenses of a vet which incr ease exponentially as the cat ages. Just visit friends with cats; pet them and go home. No headaches. No cost.