hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
Hydrangea on the Edge of Blooming

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Many Christmas Parties

We've been invited to a bunch of Christmas/Solstice/Holiday parties this year and happy to be/have been in attendance.  I was talking with someone last night about how parties in one's somewhat younger days were so much centered on everyone drinking a lot and staying very late; and then there was a phase when we had dinner parties in which a lot of women knocked themselves out cooking foods that were not part of their native cuisine.  But now, we are older, and we are more sedate, and we have a few snacks and a little eggnog or something lightly alcoholic, and sit about and talk about the Fire District or about library fundraising or gun control.  Are We Getting More Fun All The Time?  I guess so.

So, maybe it's time to think up at least one fun topic per party?  At today's, I think i will insist that everyone--at their convenience-- take the necessary 4 minutes to look at the most widely viewed youtube of all time, featuring PSY doing the horse dance in 'Gangnam Style.'  That would be here.  Now at 1 billion-127-million viewers.

Or, maybe I'll offer an alternative: Henri, le Chat Noir.  Henri is an existentialist cat and famous on the internet: he regrets nothing.  If you haven't seen him (or even if you have), be sure to catch his new video, 'The Worst Noel.'  Only a hundred thousand viewers so far, but moving up.

And those are my Christmas gifts to readers, as well.  Thanks for coming by.  I hope you, too, regret nothing, or better yet, having nothing to regret.

Update: a friend writes with the following link if you want to learn to dance gangnam style by doing the horse dance.

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