hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
Hydrangea on the Edge of Blooming

Monday, January 21, 2013

What About the Ides of January?

It's a bleak time here in Point Roberts; or at least it is outdoors.  And maybe inside our heads, as well, those of us who are still here.  Lots of the permanent residents turn a little less permanent in the wintertime.  Our quilt group, e.g., is down from a dozen or so members to about six.  The market is apparently patronized almost exclusively by Canadians, who continue to pour over the border to participate in our under-$4-dollar a gallon gas.  No bargain for us, but a big one for them.

I went over to the local printers in Tsawassen today and found, as I went through to Canada, a very, very long line heading into the U.S.  It was the kind of line we used to see only in the summer.  But the strong Canadian dollar combined with expensive Canadian gas (much higher taxes than the U.S. has) leads to a year round crowd down Tyee and a short distance down Gulf (to the package/mailing places) and then back the other way.

Things still go on here other than Canadian shopping: Saturday night was 'Game Night' at the library.  The Church continues to have services every Sunday.  Someone is sponsoring a Valentine Making workshop to raise money for Africa causes (specifically, the slave trade in Sudan).  But it seems very slow when nothing is visibly growing.  And when the fog obscures the landscape.  And when the frost is on the ground.  Usually, the crocus bloom by Valentine's Day.  We'll see.

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