hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
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Saturday, March 23, 2013

How Quickly We Forget...

I was doing a little research yesterday on the fundraising for the Wellness Clinic, checking out how much they actually raised from the community and what kinds of problems the fundraisers had, in the process of getting that project realized.  It was back in 2002 and I certainly lived here then and I certainly remember things that happened in 2002, but I don't remember much about that project.  It turns out they had a federal grant for the first three years of operating costs and about $70K of local funding for remodelling the area of the Fire District building wherein the clinic was to be located.  The chief fundraiser for that project, Brian Canfield, has told me that they had a difficult time raising the local money.    Kind of surprised me, given that we have done better than that in raising money for the new library.

Anyway, from there, I got to another section of the archives of the All Point Bulletin, where I found this edition of "Letters to the Editors."  It is vintage Point Roberts, featuring not only ongoing rage about the Fire District and its Commissioners, but the resounding rhetoric of Ron Calder and John LeSow, both a little quieter than they used to be:  Ron, because he died, and John, for reasons I do not know.  But it took me back to the days when they, as well as others, regularly let us know how they saw things.  Nowadays, not so much of such letters.  Probably better for community harmony not to have these regular ad hominem attacks, but I did find myself, while reading those letters, missing something.  Not 'that loving feeling,' of course.

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