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hydrangea blossoming
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Why Don't We Know How Much We Pay for Gas?

Another thing I'd just like to note for the record:  On March 11, 2013, the day this photo was taken, Can Am's posted price was $1.159.  Multiplied by 3.78541 liters per gallon, that's $4.387 per gallon.

Compare the posted price at Fred Meyer's one hour earlier: $3.829.  The difference is $0.558 per gallon.

Two gas stations in Whatcom County: the former, of course in Point Roberts, and the latter in Bellingham.  Not much of an incentive for Americans to live and buy gas in Point Roberts, I'd say.  Not only that, but--perhaps even more exasperating--is that the gas stations here don't even do the courtesy to the country and town they are doing business in--that would be Point Roberts, WA, USA-- to tell its U.S. residents what the price is in the American standard of measure: $X per gallon NOT $X/liter. You have to learn metric in order to figure out exactly what the price is per gallon in Point Roberts. Which is to say, what you are paying if you buy gas in Point Roberts.  Sigh.

Whenever the news stories carry on about who's paying the highest price/gallon for gas in the U.S., the answer is ALWAYS the residents of Point Roberts, Washington, regardless of what the news stories blab on about.

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