hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Talented Point Roberts

This Saturday night is the Spring Fling in Point Roberts.  It comes with a talent show and it has an admission price of $10.  I don't entirely know what kind of entertainment talent we have in Point Roberts.  Probably a sizable amount since most everybody shows up here with the experiences of a former lifetime.  Nevertheless, because we don't have a lot of venues for people to display it and, more to the point (and to the Point), we are a seriously fragmented community (not enough that we are geographically isolated, we then further isolate ourselves) and thus know little of who lies about us.  So, for that reason alone, you might want to take a couple of hours to meet your neighbors.

Beyond that, it would be a way to offer some encouragment to those among us who do work to make the community more cohesive.  The Friday Night Fling will be raising some money for summer interns to work with businesses and groups to improve tourist services over the summer.  Which is worth doing, both for the sake of the businesses and the tourists and the kids.  We ought to be able to keep and care for what we have.

This began last year when Samantha Scholefield raised the funds to hire two local  grads to be public ambassadors.  This year, she's looking to build on this success.  These two interns will provide visitors and residents alike with directions and orientation to the community, will support local business and parks and will work to promote local events. New for 2013, the students will also provide orientation to different natural highlights of our community – including low tide walks and tours of Point Roberts Parks and historical sites.

So, take a chance and give a hand.  The talent will be surprisingly entertaining in one way or another.  It's Point Roberts.  Be giddy.

(25 May, Saturday, 7 pm at the Community Center; $10 tickets at the Blue Heron or at the door)

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