hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
Hydrangea on the Edge of Blooming

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"Unusual to See a Llama on the Beach," Say Visitors

On Saturday, we went out to do our duty to the tourist economy (which many people here are convinced could be improved) by taking a walk on the beach.  Well, we don't really improve the economy, because there's no money involved, but we do improve the entertainment level by taking our friends' llama (Lily) out to walk with us.

First, Ed gets Lily's approval by standing around in the corral with the halter and lead in his hand and when she decides that she wants to go out with him, she comes over and accepts their being put upon her and then it's out we go.  On Saturday, we started near Marine and Freeman Beach, walked up to Lighthouse Park on the road (cars stopping all the way to see what we were doing or just to say "Hi!" to Lily, whom they know from previous acquaintance).  Then we proceeded through Lighthouse Park (still minus its dock..September, they say), and back north on the  beach until we got back to her house.

Because it was such an unusually warm and sunny day for May, there were lots of people out, clearing their eyes from the greyness of spring in the Northwest.  And thus, lots of people to say, "Wow! You don't see a llama on the beach everyday!"  Lily had just been sheared within the past week, so she was unusually striking in her appearance with her hairy boots and head and her sparse other parts.  Kids say, "What is it?"  And are amazed and stunned that they can be so close to such a big animal.  (That's how I feel, too.)  Lily just looks at it all with an interested (moderately) and bemused expression.

And then it's back to her house where she ate pink lawn flowers for about half an hour while WE were entertained by sitting in the sun and looking at the water.  Then, back to the corral and her four pygmy goats who were very happy to see her back. And back home for us, too, where Zoe the cat was happy to see us back.

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