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Monday, August 12, 2013

More on the Radio Towers

Emails by the dozens are zipping round the Point on this topic.  Most are pretty negative about the proposal and I can understand that.  There is generally a feeling that this is something that is being dumped on the Point and that the project has absolutely no benefit to Point Roberts: no jobs and no improved service of any sort, but an aesthetic downside and perhaps some electronic interference to nearby houses.

Indeed, one of the reasons that it is being moved (potentially) from Ferndale to Point Roberts is that the area where the towers were located in Ferndale was experiencing more housing development.   Here, there are relatively few homes within 1,000 feet of the proposed site.  Also, those people here were all notified of the proposal around August 1, but it didn't rise to general information until last Thursday when the E-edition of the APB came out.  The suddenness of the news (and the lateness, given that the end of the public comment period is August 16, 4 days from now) also contributes to the general feeling that we are being treated shabbily by the County.

About all that can be done right now by individuals is to write to the Whatcom County Planning Department immediately if you have concerns.  Address your emails to sbosman@whatcomcounty.us and include the following information on the subject line: CUP2013-00004 and SEP2013-00032, KRPI AM Radio Transmitter Site.  Also include your name and physical address in Point Roberts.  

The Planning Dept. has already indicated that it is likely to approve this application, but there will be a public hearing, probably in early October according to Ms. Bosman, and public comments will be a part of that hearing.  Various groups in P.R. have requested an extension for the comment period, but the Planning Department says it will not be extended.  Community displeasure could be dispositive for the Hearing Examiner.


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