hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
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Friday, August 9, 2013

More Trouble in Paradise? Will It Never End?

Update Below.  Not enough that some people are up in arms (or down in the dumps) about the possible new housing (aka cottage) development on APA Road (the cottages at Seabright Farm), now we have five 150-foot radio towers proposed in the woods off Tyee near McKenzie (by Nielson's Electric).  Many of the same people are feeling equally up in arms (or down in the dumps).  Doubtless another opportunity to see us at our best.

The towers are intended to provide access to Richmond's East Asian community for a radio station in Lynden Ferndale and the implication is that it is cheaper to do this (ie, the towers and maybe the station itself) in the U.S. rather than in Canada/B.C.  There appears to be provisional approval from Whatcom County.  You can read about it in the APB's E-edition this week.  Plus comments: at this point, there are eleven of them and they're all in opposition.

Point Roberts residents often speak in favor of Point Roberts being different in some way or another (usually this is in regard to more economic development, more entertainment, or more pizza delivery, e.g.), but they are somewhat less frequently in favor of things that are on offer, and especially radio towers, it would appear. There is a deadline for public response (August 16); details for how to make such a response in the APB article linked above.

Update, 8/11:  Someone has started a blog on this topic, and I cannot speak to its accuracy, one way or the other, but you can read it here:  http://prtowers.blogspot.com/

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