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hydrangea blossoming
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Truth in Advertising, Election Edition

I was out driving round the Point today and saw that 3 of the 4 the candidates for Fire Commissioner positions have election signs out on the road shoulders.

--"Elect Jeff Wilmott" (Fire Commissioner)

--"Craig Carter" (for Fire Commissioner)

--"Re-elect Stan Riffle" (for Fire Commissioner")

The problem with that is that Wilmott and Riffle were both appointed to their current seats.  We are getting the chance to ELECT Mr. Wilmott, Mr. Riffle, Mr. Carter, and Mr. Dean (Dean doesn't have any signs up) for the first time since none of them has previously been elected to the position of Fire Commissioner.

Why does Mr. Riffle think that he is being RE-Elected?

1 comment:

Bennett said...

Could it be Hubris?