hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
Hydrangea on the Edge of Blooming

Monday, March 10, 2014

Coming Out of Winter?

Updated below.
For the past few months, it's seemed like the only major and minor event in Point Roberts was the weather.  Thus do we know here in Point Roberts that it is winter.

But now there are things happening all of a sudden.  Last Friday, there was a reception for a new painting exhibit at the Community Center.  Last Saturday, I went to the presentation on "Burning Man" in Nevada, and then there was a chili cook-off later in the afternoon.  Sunday, Heidi and Tor were shearing the pygmy goats.  Tonight the Park and Recreation District elected/appointed a new Commissioner to replace Bev Griffiths, who has left the Point for Hawaii, I believe.  And we welcome newly commissioned Stephen Falk to the P&R Board.  Tomorrow night, PREP is doing a special presentation on what we should know about what to do should a disaster occur (that snow storm 10 days ago was about as much disaster as I'm probably up for).  And also on tomorrow night, the Community Advisory Committee is having people from Bellingham come up to explain to us why the CAC is now also going to fill the function of the Character Plan Committee.

Wednesday, the Fire District does its monthly video show.  Once again the announcement of the meeting did not include the agenda.  I'm a regular whiner on this topic because, since the public is allowed to speak ONLY at the very beginning of the meeting, we can't say much of relevance if we have no advance information as to what is going to be discussed.  Occasionally, they get an agenda together with the meeting announcement and then I am always carefully
asked if I am satisfied.  And yes, I am, but not when it's not included in the announcement.  Don't ask the question: you know the answer.  (Update: An anonymouse commenter sends us this news: "OLYMPIA — A bill expanding the Open Public Meetings Act just needs a signature from the governor to become law.
East Wenatchee Republican Brad Hawkins’ bill would require public agencies to post their meeting agendas online 24 hours ahead of time. It passed the senate last week with a vote of 41 to 6 after clearing the house last month. The measure was delivered to Gov. Jay Inslee this week.")

And the daffs and crocuses are blooming, the forsythia beginning to open to little yellow pots of pure sun.  The reappearance of daylight savings startles us both morning and night and causes us to find young children to reset our digital watches.  Wake Up, it is all saying.  Time to start paying attention again!

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Maybe this new Bill on Open Public Meetings will solve your agenda issue.