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hydrangea blossoming
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Difficult Border Story

Here is some news that people will respond to differently, I suppose.  Those who say, 'the law is the law,' and those who say, 'really, that's all they've got to do with their work hours?"


however you respond, worth knowing, though.  I'm with the latter group, but in either case, the conflict between the feds and the state laws on this issue needs to be resolved so it doesn't drive people crazy.  The first thing, from my perspective, now that medical marijuana is widely legal and Washington and Colorado have de-criminalized casual use by adults, would be to get it offI the Schedule 1 list of prohibited substances.  That marijuana is on that list and that alcohol isn't makes no sense...It's just a historical anomaly.

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himiko said...

Just to add a note: I am troubled by the whole "banning each other from each others' countries for life" thing which only seems to apply to ordinary Americans and Canadians, most of whom are harmless. War criminals, gangsters, corporate raiders, corrupt politicians, and a plethora of other villains who leave environmental, political, economic, and social devastation in their wake seem to traverse the border without any difficulty.