hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
Hydrangea on the Edge of Blooming

Monday, May 12, 2014

Long Time, No See

Coming out from under in what looks sincerely like the spring.  Well, It's the middle of May, so I should hope so.  And there's various newses from Point Roberts:

1.  The International Marketplace is driving us all crazy by moving everything around so now we have to ask somebody where to find most of the things we were planning to buy.  I imagine it's good for store morale to do this kind of thing every so often, but old customers may be less enthusiastic.  I like knowing where things are a lot more than I like asking where things are, although at the moment at least there's somebody to ask in pretty much every aisle since they are the ones doing the moving.

2.  The International Marketplace is pleasing all of us residents with its new commitment to produce that looks very much like something that a shopper would be interested in buying and eating.  It's an amazing difference.  I remember a time a few years back when almost a quarter of the back section had nothing but carrots in a variety of package sizes.  Cardones?  Not only do they have them but they explain what you are to do with them.  Great work Dean and Team!

3.  The Cafe Cappana has opened under new management and Linda and Ron Hughes are doing a terrific job of bringing us a much spruced up environment and very nice food.  We had lunch there yesterday (and your entitled to have breakfast all day) and were more than pleased with the quality of the food.  And it's always good to see the Hughes family members, even when they are serving you your lunch.  Go and try it out.  The only downside (for us, but probably not for them) is that they close around 3, I think.  And the baked goods sell out early in the day.  Good luck on this new venture, Ron and Linda, Lake and Veronica!

4.  The Post Office disappoints by having lines almost all the time and rarely more than one open  window.  And they still cannot find a way to provide customers (or are we patrons?) with a scale.  If you have stamps (which you could buy at the grocery store, I believe) and a scale, you could sometimes avoid those lines.  Why they want us being irritated in those lines is a mystery to me.

Otherwise, welcome to spring in Point Roberts!

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