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hydrangea blossoming
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Martial Law in Our Future

A Point Roberts resident recently made a presentation to the Whatcom County Council describing the high probability of a giant economic storm which would destroy the U.S. and would then result in such chaos that martial law would need to be established.  He was urging the County to have a plan so that, I think, we could avoid martial law, or maybe so that the martial law would begin early enough to be effective.  Not entirely clear to me.

Anyway, in the interest of knowing what's happening locally, I offer below a link to his statement to the Council.  In reply, the Sheriff of Whatcom county noted that the Sheriff's Department has plans for all kinds of emergencies but that he believed "it is beyond my expertise and responsibility to accurately predict a national economic collapse that will lead to public chaos."  Good to hear from civil officials who have some sense of their limitations, I think.

You can read Mr. Hammel's presentation to the Council here, and the Sheriff's response here.  We will file this under 'Going to Hell in a hand basket,' as my grandmother would have said.  But, I wonder, 'What is a hand basket?'

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