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hydrangea blossoming
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Community Advisory Committee Suffers a Defeat

Only briefly, i assume.  I went to the CAC meeting Tuesday night.  There were only three of the members there, but three is a quorum and there were also three community members, so an agenda was passed around.  After the first item (an update on the Friends of the Point Roberts Library's work on raising funds for a newly renovated library), one of the three committee members asked to make a statement about, as I understood it, his previous vote on a previous discussion about four-way stop signs.  He announced that he regretted his vote because, as internet research has led him to believe, traffic engineers are not confident that four-way stop signs are a useful solution to traffic problems.

When asked whether traffic engineers were asserting this position based on research in small, rural communities like Point Roberts (there are other small rural communities like Point Roberts?), the member (the rep from the Voters Association) stood up, announced he had other important engagements, and left, leaving the CAC quorom-less.

A dramatic depiction of the meaning of the phrase 'high dudgeon.'  Or perhaps a distinctive case of fit of pique (or perhaps pique of fit).  In any case, the meeting then adjourned at the suggestion of the stunned chairman.  No further resolution for the various problems of Point Roberts.

I've been to several difficult meetings this past few weeks.  Perhaps people are having more social problems as we struggle through these dead end days of winter.  Perhaps we need to have a psycho-therapeutic arts festival.

On the good side, though, is that I'm home in time to watch a movie.  The bad side is that the movie was pretty useless ('Young Adult,' with Charlize Theron).   And on to the Ides of March.  Watch out Caesar!

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Tin said...

Sometimes dysfunctional government is better -- there should be a Hypocratic Oath for officials.

Just stumbled on your blog. Thanks for blogging.