hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
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Friday, March 9, 2012

No Good Deed, Etc.

Took a walk along Benson Road today in the late afternoon sun.  Benson has a very nice walking shoulder, recently done up for us by the County with the encouragement of the Community Advisory Committee.  And the County didn't even charge us (from our Gas Tax Fund moneys) for doing the work.  It is one of the few wide, paved-sort-of-with-grindings) shoulders in the Point, and one sees young women with big strollers walking along it.

It's a nice piece of work and both CAC and the County should be thanked for it.  However, in the Department of No Good Deed goes unpunished, I surely noticed that it was the trashiest roadside I've seen in Point Roberts.  Not just snack wrappers and drink bottles, but actual mailing boxes: pick up your new clothes from the mail place and toss the box out beside the road.  Such efficiency!

So, although it is a very good walkway, more walkers, more trash.  They can't put trash barrels out because they would quickly be filled up by people who don't want to pay to take their disposables to the Transfer Station.  So there's not much pre-planning that could have avoided this collateral damage.

Maybe time for folks to go down on a sunny day and do some trash clean up.  Including me.  It's only the South side of Benson that needs to be attended to and only up to South Beach, I'd guess.  OR.  Maybe the Community Advisory Committee could recommend that the County clean up that section of the road, using some of our fabled gas tax money to pay for their good work.  The idea is that we are supposed to get that money to make up for the additional burdens of cross boarder traffic.  This is surely one of the burdens.  Let's have the gas tax money lift it from us.

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