hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
Hydrangea on the Edge of Blooming

Friday, September 13, 2013

Summer Going, Going, But Not Gone Yet...

it's been a lovely summer; the best weather-wise I think in the 20 years I've been here.  And even this week, it's been more summer than fall, even though we're back to overcast today.

It's been unusual in other ways, as well.  I think the cross-border traffic must be growing by leaps and bounds.  The parking lot at the grocery store is almost always full during most hours.  The steady line of cars coming in and going out is clearly visible.  The visitors to the Saturday Market were clearly on the increase even though the number of vendors wasn't much up.  And the number of summer activities seemed considerably larger.

Part of this last increase is due to the Visit Point Roberts program initiated by Samantha Scholefield.  Her two program Interns this summer were around and visible lots of the time, and were both advertising events and conducting them (like beach walks).  They did a terrific job and it is to be hoped that this program will get enough support to make it ongoing each summer with some kind of stable budget source. (Incidentally, they will be making a presentation to the community tomorrow/Saturday at the Community Center on what they accomplished and what needs to be made more effective: 2 p.m. )

Another part of the summer events growth was the Library Fundraising which had 3 outdoor movies, 3 tables at the Saturday Market, including produce, baked goods, and garage sale materiel, and an ice-cream-and-cake-thank you Party.  And then the usual events were also there for all to partake of: the Fourth of July Parade, the Arts and Music Festival, the International Belt Sander Race, Historical Society tours, many Library programs for kids and grownups, and several concerts brought to us by Lucy Williams at Trinity Lutheran Church.

We've all seen each other a lot.  And now, our Canadian neighbors and day visitors will be around less often as the skies darken and the day shortens, and so will those of us who are permanent residents.  October vacations beckon (not to mention cruises in the Caribbean throughout our darker days).  But there will still be a bunch of us here, though less visible, doing what the off-season calls for (getting the gardens ready for winter is my priority).  The kids are back in school; the vine maples are turning red (a little late, but they're doing it), the flower-filled yards are changing to something else less colorful.  Soon the stoves will be lit all day.

Maple Beach, 2013

Still, some things do not change: the tide goes in and the tide goes out.  The earth abides throughout all the people busy-ness.  Cherish that, too.

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