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hydrangea blossoming
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Monday, September 30, 2013

Fire Hydrants: The Explanation

update below.

Ed took the pictures of the fire hydrants because he lives in Point Roberts and because he takes photographs of things here.  He posts them, often, on Flickr.  Sometimes he sends them to the APB, and sometimes the Editor prints them.

In the case of the fire hydrants, he drove around the Point and took pictures of the fire hydrants as he saw them.  It didn't include everyone that existed, and his photographs had nothing to do with the Fire Department's judging and all that.

As he finds or finds out about new ones, he he has taken pictures of them and added them as individual photographs on the Flickr site.  You can see the expanding set here.  As of this afternoon (9/30), there are 102 photos of individual hydrants plus the one composite/mosaic of 64 photos.  There have been almost 500 views of the composite and many, many views of the individual hydrants.

If you want you fire hydrant included, let us know where it is.  You can email us or you can let us know in a comment to this blog.

We are getting some phone calls relating to the Fire Department and the judging and I have written this largely to make clear that Ed had nothing to do with any of that.  kthksbai.

update: Fire Chief Chris Carleton is apparently going to be producing, for sale, a calendar with all the photos in it.  


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ed, for taking the time to do this for our enjoyment.

Anonymous said...

My family had so much fun painting the fire hydrants, and now even more fun showing them to their friends due to Ed's fabulous work at posting the pictures. Thank you so much Ed!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the sale proceeds will be used for?

judy ross said...

No, although Chief Carleton said something general about 'various charitable Point Roberts causes.' Could be anything, including the Fire District itself, I suppose. I just checked the fire district's website and there's nothing there about it that i could find. judy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your response, Judy. It would be a travesty, knowing how involved you both are in raising funds for the Library, if Chief Carleton didn't donate the money to this cause what with them being Ed's photographs, after all. I would certainly buy one or more if this was the case but if he continues being vague about where the funds will be going, I'll just continue enjoying them on your website.