hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
Hydrangea on the Edge of Blooming

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Marketing

Yesterday, the April Easter Saturday Market kicked off the Return of the Canadians.  Friday and Saturday were both sunny days and the Canadians were everywhere: shopping at the grocery, riding their bicycles, aimlessly walking, and even visiting the Saturday Market which was, still, held indoors despite the deceptive sun (it looked warm, but it was only moderately so).  Presumably, they were also dusting out their cottages.

The vendors at the Market were scant this month, partly I suppose because of the dissenting views about how the market should be conducted.  No 'used goods,' so those folks weren't there.  The County's concerns about food meant that virtually no baked goods were available: no nice pies, no nice cookies.  There were a few Easter cupcakes in search of donations for the Friends of the Library, which group also had a big book sale, all of which were, of course, used, but not 'used' in the sense that other peoples' goods are 'used', apparently.  Don't ask me; I just report the rules.  Goods for resale also have to meet some standard (standard unknown), but some nice purses, earrings, and metalwork found their way from Central Mexico up here and apparently met that standard.

What there really was was a big presence of fresh vegetables from Sagewood Farms.  Not, alas, grown here in Point Roberts, or at least not yet.  I bought a bunch of organic cilentro ($2.75) and was told that it came from the Co-Op in Bellingham.  Wherever it came from, it had a lovely fresh look to it and great taste.  And it appeared that the majority of the buying (we did not participate as vendors this month) was focused on the vegetables.  Which they richly deserved.

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