hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
Hydrangea on the Edge of Blooming

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Goodbye! And, Hello!

Back in 2002, I began a long series of wall quilts based upon what I called abandoned houses here in Point Roberts, although they were more accurately described as houses that no one lived in.  There were an unusually large number of these houses for such a small place and because there was some threat of their being torn down because of County ordinances, I used such quiltmaking skills as I had at the time (never having previously made a pictorial quilt) to try to document these beautiful buildings. 

Over the several years that I worked on this series of 18 pieces, I got better at making fabric look like wood and trees and yards.  The quilts have been exhibited as a group a number of times and individual ones have received awards.  One of them is regularly on display at the Aydon Wellness Clinic in the reception area.

I was not interested in the quilts leaving the Point as a permanent matter nor in their being separated.  More recently, I began to think more seriously about what was to happen to them.  I am of an age where death could not be said to be premature.  And the disposal of such items could be burdensome for those who would survive me.  So, I decided that the best home for them would be the Point Roberts Historical Society.  Upon inquiry, I found it would be happy to accept them.

Last week, I bundled them all up and delivered them to one of the Society members.  They were already at work on figuring out how to display them in the Community Center.  I looked through the window of the area past the library today and saw some of them were already up on the wall.  The Society plans to have an opening for them at some point and I hope those in this area will come by to take a look.

To my great pleasure, I found it easy to have them leave my custody, because they go to the hands of those who will take care and, in the greater sense, to all the people of Point Roberts.  As their creator, I bid them goodbye; as a resident, I'm happy to say, 'Hello!' 

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