hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
Hydrangea on the Edge of Blooming

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's Wrong with This Sentence?

One of the developers in the Lily Point Beach Club Without a beach development, Wayne Knowles, has offered the following reassurances to the residents of Point Roberts.

"I have lived in Point Roberts for 18 years and I love the natural setting here. I hope to maintain that natural beauty with this development."

Why is it that developers always seem to think that, as a result of their personal occupational exuberance and financial well-being, more houses will "maintain natural beauty"? Building more houses might be a good idea or it might not, but it is hard to imagine how the "natural beauty" could be "maintained" with the addition of 62 additional houses.   It could be more or less diminished, depending upon how the development is done, but 'maintained"? I don't think so...

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