hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
Hydrangea on the Edge of Blooming

Friday, April 15, 2011

More About Maintaining That Natural Beauty

Point Interface alerted us this morning to a further bit of news about the Lily Point Beach Club (without a beach) development.  One of the developers said that tree cutting would be held to 50% by County rules, but that the developers would try to retain 90% of the trees.  An enterprising concerned resident inquired of Mr. Knowles as to whether the trees along APA would remain.  Knowles said that the County was requiring that APA be widened, which would require the elimination of those trees.

Which, in my view, would mean losing the best trees in that area.

The concerned resident then contacted the County Planning Office, where someone told her that only 10% of the trees would be cut, but that was on the site, not as to the trees on APA.  Because this is a County requirement, it might have some impact on the final decision if Point Roberts residents wrote to the Planning Office about this matter of the retention of the trees on APA.  Here is that email address: akeenan@co.whatcom.wa.us   The deadline for comments is April 18 (this Tuesday).  If we're going to do anything about maintaining some of that 'natural beauty,' saving those trees would be an important step.  

Here's a photo of the APA trees that front the development, taken by Ed this morning:

For more photos of that area, click here.

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