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hydrangea blossoming
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Only Minutes Ago...

Hardly have I finished writing about the Point's apparent inclination not to change things much if it involves more people or more houses, when the issue of the Point Roberts Beach Club is back on our plates.  Or on someone's plate.  Last year, the section of the proposed Beach Club nearest to Lily Point was sold at auction and the guy who bought it (a Canadian, part-time resident) announced that he just planned to look at the land.  Which pleased us quite a bit here in Point Roberts, as most residents seemed not too interested in having a 100+ new houses built next door to Lily Point, even if you called it a Beach Club, and even if it was substantially above the beach.

And now, the same bunch (at least the same names arise) that had originally hoped to build that 'beach club' has amended its plan and is at the County urging it to approve their new and revised 'Beach Club'  plan to build (only) 62 houses on 62 small lots crammed up near the bluff in three rows on acreage (62 acres) next door to the kindly Canadian part-time resident who rescued us from this dread plan last year.  The new and revised Beach Club is generally south of APA, and between Boundary and Paul's Road, as far as I can tell from the maps in the plan.

Someday, it may be a good idea to build a bunch more houses in Point Roberts (from a profit-perspective), but it's hard to believe that this is the time.  Lots of houses for sale currently, but they don't look to be selling very fast.  I believe the two houses on our street have been for sale for well over a year and the multiple lots nearby on South Beach have been there for more than that.  The 'for sale' signs even look weary.  But even if it were an idea with a money upside (for someone), I doubt if it is what the community would be looking forward to.

There is this to be said for the plan.  Given that the Beach Club lots are about 100 feet above the beach (and the water), the prospective new owners would doubtless be safe from a tsumami.  Maybe that's the selling point.  "Beach houses in Point Roberts, way above the beach: No Tsunami Concerns."

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