hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Community Continues to Be

Last night, the Community Advisory Committee (that's advisory to Whatcom County) met and went through its agenda.  In some ways, the agenda is always the same, although the discussion may differ from time to time.   That's because there's always some kind of development issue that is rubbing lots of people the wrong way; there is always some kind of border concern; there is always something to be said about what is to happen to the gas tax levy money.

The gas tax levy issue produced the news that there is to be installed a streetlight at Johnson and Tyee, and that the gas tax levy moneys will be used to pay the electric bill for that light.  Also that some kind of beautification on Tyee, at the Community Events Sign corner, and at the end of Gulf Road might yet happen with those moneys.  And, finally, that the shoulder of Benson from Tyee to South Beach will have its walking path restored in the near future, assuming we have a summer this year.

And then there's the other things, about which much vaguer things were said, so they shall remain unreported.

The petition to the state and the county about protecting the APA Maple Canopy is being signed by people near and far.  So far, about 370 signators.  We ought to be able to do better than that, but maybe we are yet a community of cranks.  One well known local fellow refused to sign when I offered him an easy access to it at the Saturday Market because 'Maples don't inspire him.'  And, I have to say, he doesn't inspire me, either.


Anonymous said...

Judy, what is the time limit for the Petition?

judy ross said...

depends, somewhat, on when the county sets the hearing, if the county sets a hearing...