hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
Hydrangea on the Edge of Blooming

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good Day For Maple Trees

The message following, from a Whatcom County engineer, makes it sound as if the maple canopy is safe, at leat for the moment.

"to all who are concerned:
The Engineering Division will work with the plat applicant to accomplish their impact mitigation improvements to APA Road removing as few trees as possible, if any.  The applicant has proposed the design below for APA Road. They are proposing the APA Road access be 'emergency only' and used for their sales office only.  All plat traffic will use Pauls Road.  Because of this change, the improvements to APA Roadway will be between South Beach Road and Pauls Road.  APA Road will be improved from the existing 20-foot wide roadway with 3-foot gravel shoulders to 22-foot roadway with 4-foot gravel shoulders.  This is a total widening of 4 feet.  The applicant may use curbs, guardrails, turnouts, other methods, or a combination of methods to minimize clear zone and the removal of trees.
Engineering conditions of approval effecting APA Road are:
Off-site improvements to proportionally mitigate the traffic impacts of the development equate to 9,207 square feet of asphalt and 20,790 square feet of gravel shoulder. The result of this is widening of Paul's Road from plat access to APA Rd (widening a total of about 12 feet with asphalt and gravel shoulders) to a minimum of 22 feet wide asphalt with 4-foot gravel shoulders. APA Road shall be widening the same width from Paul's Road intersection to South Beach Road intersection (widening a total width of about 4 feet with asphalt and gravel).
The applicant may use curb and/or guardrail and/or another alternative to meet clear zone requirements while maintaining as many of the trees as feasible. Should any tree have to be taken down, the applicant shall replace it at a ratio of 3 native trees to one tree removed (maximum size commercially available). 
All of the above may be reduced by the County Engineer through an approved traffic report modification.
Take Care,

Mary White
Engineering Division
Whatcom County
(360) 676-6730

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