hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
Hydrangea on the Edge of Blooming

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gathering Together Information on the Trees

A number of people are writing messages back and forth to one another, but not always fully inclusive, so this is to try to bring together a variety of suggestions and actions.

1.  A number of people have suggested writing to Amy Keenan, both by email and by snail mail, and many such emails and, I hope, snail mails have been sent.  This should continue.

2. Steve Wolff, via Jim Julius, has suggested getting a conservation lien on the part of the land on which the maples grow.  Ed Park thinks that won't work because the maples are largely growing on the County right of way, which is to say that the County already owns that land, so a lien could not be established by the property owners.  Apparently Jim Julius thinks otherwise. Steve also says that the County's easement on the road is sixty feet and that most of the trees are outside that easement.

3.  Jollena Tylor has proposed seeking historic/preservation/heritage status for the entire maple canopy.  Judy Ross will try to get a petition up on line as soon as possible so that we can demonstrate community support on this measure to Planning, recognizing that planning has no role in such designation.  Jollena's husband is looking into whether the County has any office to whom such a request could appropriately be addressed.  It may involve the state.  Judy has asked Pauli DeHaan to help her with the historical approach. Information about the petition, when available, will be sent out on Point Interface and on Judy's blog and on the electronic All Point Bulletin if we can make its deadline (probably not for this thursday).

4.  Mark Robbins believes that the County can issue a variance on the widening the road.

5.  Arthur Reber thinks the County will issue a variance not requiring a road expansion.  Further, he urges the Planning Office not require the developer to provide an entrance to the project on APA but limit the entry road requirement to Paul's Road, thus eliminating the need to do anything to the APA maple trees.

6.  Ed Park counters that the widening of the road (and thus the cutting of the maples) is only peripherally connected to the development permit, in that the County's concern relates to the fact that APA at that point is a substandard road in terms of County standards and, if the development is permitted, the developer can be required to bring the road up to standards; otherwise, the county would have to pay to do that if it wanted that done.  You can read Park's suggestions here: http://getthewholepicture.blogspot.com/2011/06/we-could-do-what_03.html

7.  Many people have offered to chain themselves to the trees for photo purposes and publicity.  Some have offered a 'clothing optional' possibility.

8.  Carol Woodman has offered a connection to TV news.

9.  The All Point Bulletin has been copied on most of the communications.

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